Eco Aparrel

There are millions of people on our planet. The population is growing and getting older. We want not only to be a part of the population, society or be a citizen, but do something good for the planet that is our HOME!

We want people not just live, but care about the place where they live. It is important for us what might happen to our planet in a few years or decades. Our mission is to recycle plastic bottles that do lots of harm to the planet.

We make our jackets using a special fabric which is made from recycled plastic bottles.15-20 plastic bottles are used to make one ECO APPAREL jacket. By buying products made of recycled plastic bottles you make the first step to become one of us! Moreover, our jackets and vests are so warm and comfortable! They can become a part of your everyday look and can be easily rolled away into its own little bag for carrying.

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15-20 plastic bottles

Plastic bottles
Eco Apparel jacket

1 Eco Apparel Jacket